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'Crack Should Be Available At 7-Eleven': How A Cold Email Landed This College Student A VC Job In Psychedelics

"Crack should be available at 7-Eleven, and I'm tired of pretending it shouldn't." This provocative statement, found within a bold email sent by a then-college senior, was more than just a shock factor: it was the intellectual hook that caught the eye of Jeremy Gardner, managing partner at Mystic Venturesa venture fund focused on the medicinal applications of psychedelics.

Mack Luby isn't your typical investment associate. Before joining Mystic Ventures, he was a senior at Boston University, engaged in economics and the complex tapestry of U.S. drug policy. His journey into the heart of venture capitalism was not paved with typical stepping stones; it was charted through a profound interest in psychedelics, which began when Luby was "probably like nine or ten years old."

The story of how he entered the scene of medicinal psychedelics ...

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