Friday, April 12, 2024
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Goldman Sachs And GIC At Odds Over Inflation: Is It A Risk Or An Opportunity?

In a recent discussion at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore, banking and investment leaders identified inflation as the paramount challenge for the global economy, yet also pinpointed it as a potential investment opportunity.

While John Waldron, President and COO of Goldman Sachs Group Inc., underscored inflation as the foremost risk, Lim Chow Kiat, CEO of GIC Pte, viewed the inflationary environment as a chance to make strategic purchases, reported Bloomberg.

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Waldron expressed, “I would say inflation is still to me the single biggest risk,” highlighting additional concerns with the ever-present geopolitical tensions.

Conversely, Lim spotlighted the alluring yield of 10-year Treasury inflation-protected securities, currently at approximately 2.5%, as a robust contender against other asset classes. This yield, not seen for ...

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