Friday, April 12, 2024
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Dan Held Believes McDonald's Burger Coupons Are Better Than Fiat: 'This Is Why We Buy Bitcoin'

Dan Held, a long-term advocate of Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC), expressed his belief that McDonald’s burger coupons could be considered a superior form of currency compared to fiat money. 

What Happened: This insight came after Held shared an encounter on an online platform, where an individual who claims to be a McDonald’s employee discussed the introduction of special coins as a replacement for traditional coupon cards. These coins could be exchanged for a free Big Mac as part of the 50th-anniversary celebration of the iconic burger.

The unknown individual explained, “I work at McDonald’s, and we have these little cards that we give to customers when we f**k up their order that lets them redeem the card for a free Big Mac. Just recently, we received a box of these special coins. They are going to serve the same purpose. If you have one of the coins, you can exchange it for a Big Mac. It’s for the ...

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