Saturday, May 25, 2024
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British Tesla Owner Wins $10K Settlement From EV Giant Over Undelivered Full Self-Driving Features

A UK-based Tesla owner has secured a $10,000 settlement from Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) following the company’s inability to deliver its full self-driving (FSD) features as promised. The report was first published by Electrek.

What Happened: Edward Butler, a Model 3 owner, took Tesla to court after the company did not fulfill its promises concerning its Full Self-Driving option. He filed a small claims court claim, citing a violation of the Consumer Rights Act of 2015.

Butler bought the FSD option in 2019 for his Model 3 at a cost of £5,800 (approximately $7,100). He argued that Tesla did not meet certain promises linked to the FSD option, including traffic light recognition and automatic driving on city streets.

While the traffic light recognition feature was delivered by Tesla in the UK in 2020, it missed its own deadline. The automatic driving feature has not yet been implemented in the UK, nearly four years later.

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Initially, Tesla rejected Butler’s claim. However, following several exchanges, ...

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