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Humanity Protocol: Spearheading Blockchain Innovation with Palm Scan Verification in Emerging Markets

Humanity Protocol: Spearheading Blockchain Innovation with Palm Scan Verification in Emerging Markets

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 9th Apr 2024 – Humanity Protocol has carved out a distinct niche, in Africa’s burgeoning markets, namely Kenya and Nigeria, as well as in Vietnam, Asia’s emerging blockchain hub. More than 42’000 NFT members in 100 countries worldwide have already signed up since its beta launch in November 2023. 

The Humanity NFT Project provides biometric verification and has already initiated a digital identity and economic inclusion initiative that seeks to implement a digital job platform through its native SRS Token. The Humanity Protocol introduces a unique and secure method for verifying the livelihood and uniqueness of its users via palm scans. This state-of-the-art technology employs biometric identity to prevent fraud and duplication, marking a significant step forward for a more secure digital environment. 

“Central to Humanity Protocol’s vision is the empowerment of individuals by providing them with a digital identity secured on a blockchain”, said Mr. Marcus Dukes, President of Humanity International Investments

Dukes went on to say “Whether it’s accessing financial services or securing employment in remote villages in Africa, the digital identities fostered by Humanity Protocol are paving the way for a more inclusive digital economy, especially in emerging markets.”

The pivotal element of Humanity Protocol’s ecosystem is the allocation of its native SRS token to verified ecosystem participants and NFT holders. This initiative rewards users and incentivizes participation in various tasks and activities within the platform, effectively creating competitive digital job platforms. 

“By implementing tasks for tokens, Humanity Protocol is unlocking new economic opportunities for users, particularly in regions where access to traditional jobs and financial services is limited,” said Dukes. 

With the use of SRS tokens, Humanity Protocol’s blockchain project drives a comprehensive digital economy in much of the developing world. It enables users to earn through participation, from simple tasks to more complex projects, facilitated by a secure, decentralized platform. This approach democratizes access to employment while pioneering new forms of work in the digital age.

The Humanity Protocol is setting a new standard for digital inclusion and security. As it rolls out its second phase, the future looks promising for NFT holders and ecosystem participants, with the SRS token poised to play a central role in this vibrant digital economy.

An integral part of Humanity Protocol’s vision, supported by Humanity International Investments LLC and backed by His Highness Sheikh Marwan Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, involves an ambitious roadmap that encompasses the development of a global job platform, the enhancement of social profiles, gamification and integration with global payment companies. This visionary plan aims to bridge the divide between cutting-edge blockchain technologies and everyday practical applications, offering users across the globe a seamless and enriched digital experience.

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About Humanity International Investments (
Humanity International Investments is a Dubai-based social impact fund, led by His Highness Sheikh Marwan Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, dedicated to fostering financial inclusion across Africa. With an expansive network spanning the continent, the organization is committed to bridging the identity gap for the unbanked and the ultra-poor. By collaborating with innovative technology partners, the Humanity Protocol seeks to provide verifiable identities, enabling countless Africans to access financial services, credit, and opportunities for wealth creation. Their vision is not just about creating identities but about empowering individuals to change their futures and have a voice in the global digital community.

About The Humanity Protocol ( 

Humanity International Investments is dedicated to nurturing a resilient and sustainable economy in Africa and Asia, emphasizing economic empowerment through the implementation of the Humanity Protocol. This groundbreaking initiative has successfully cultivated a vast global community, encompassing over 42,000 members from 100 countries. This innovative approach is instrumental in promoting economic equity and sustainability, reinforcing our commitment to a stronger, more empowered global community.

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