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Introducing Collat Finance: Revolutionizing Pawn Industry with Blockchain Technology

Introducing Collat Finance: Revolutionizing Pawn Industry with Blockchain Technology

Majuro, Ebeye, Marshall Islands, 21st Apr 2024 – Collat Finance announces the launch of its on-chain lending platform backed by tokenized Real World Asset (RWA) collateral, built on the Solana Blockchain. Dedicated to providing fast and transparent financial services to the global market, Collat Finance is on a journey to redefine the traditional pawn industry through blockchain technology.

The platform utilizes AI for precise asset valuations and the Solana blockchain for rapid transaction processing. Users initiate loans by submitting detailed information and photos of their assets through the platform. Upon acceptance, assets are tokenized, representing ownership digitally. 

Pawn Nodes (P-Nodes) validate and may store assets securely during the loan period. An AI valuation engine provides swift and unbiased market appraisals and credit assessments. Investors fund loans by purchasing tokenized assets and earning interest on investments. The marketplace facilitates asset trading and tracks loan status.

All transactions are recorded on the Solana blockchain, bolstering immutability and transparency. Smart contracts automate lending processes, while the $COL DAO governs the platform and manages the treasury. $COL is the utility token of Collat Finance, with various utilities within the ecosystem. It operates on the Solana blockchain, with a total supply of 50 million tokens.

$COL Tokenomics:

  • Founders & Advisors (14%)
  • Presale (50%)
  • Liquidity Provision (15%)
  • Staking Rewards (15%)
  • DAO Vault (6%)

Collat Finance aims to raise a minimum of $550,000 in $SOL for a launch-ready MVP and up to $1.2 million for operational liquidity over three years. The token sale offers 25 million $COL Tokens in two rounds. Funds will be allocated towards development (35%), liquidity (30%), marketing (15%), and treasury reserve (20%).


Completed milestones include the successful launch of the Proof of Concept, deployment of the landing page, establishment of social media channels, and publication of the Litepaper. Upcoming milestones include participation in the Solana Hackathon.

For more information about Collat Finance, please visit the website here

About Collat Finance:

Collat Finance is an on-chain lending platform backed by tokenized RWA collateral built on the Solana Blockchain. Their mission is to provide an innovative solution for quick liquidity, leveraging the speed and security of blockchain technology, combined with the accuracy and efficiency of AI valuations.

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Media Contact

Organization: Collat Finance

Contact Person: Mit Sachani


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City: Majuro

State: Ebeye

Country: Marshall Islands

Release Id: 21042411246

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