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Daewoo Offers Powerful Brush Cutters at Competitive Prices in Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan, 13th May 2024 – Daewoo Power Products is a leading provider of top quality power tools in Pakistan. Today Daewoo Power Products announced an exceptional range of brush cutter machine. The main purpose of the brush cutter is to tackle the toughest landscaping challenges. Devoted to offering lawn care equipment Pakistan with outstanding value for money. So Daewoo equips homeowners and experts with powerful and reliable tools at the best prices.

Powerhouse Performance

Daewoo brush cutters have strong engines that offer incredible power and cutting ability. They quickly clear thick weeds, overgrown brush, and tough grass. They are perfect for many landscaping offers. So, they are the solution for your Brush cutting needs. The best part is that you will get a powerful cutter at the best price.

The Best Rates

Daewoo Power Products is known for offering great value. Their new range of brush cutters keeps up this tradition giving top performance at affordable prices. Whether you are a homeowner or a professional landscape owner Daewoo brush cutters offer quality without costing a fortune and affordable agricultural tools in Pakistan.

Safety First

At Daewoo Power Product safety is the priority. The brush cutters have safety features to keep users safe. For example they have vibration dampening systems. This system reduces fatigue and help users control the cutter better. Also strong blade guards protect users from touching the cutting part. 

An affordable brush cutter machine is available at Daewoo Power Prod ct.

Brush Cutter 4-Stroke DABC40 -4CC

It is one of the best tools for cutting crops and landscaping. So with a 39CC engine and 1.2KW power it is reliable and efficient. Its side attached rotary shaft makes it easy to use. So the accessories such as blades, trimmer head, strap and bag offer convenience.  Whether cutting thick vegetation or trim the edge. Hence it ensures expert grade results. If we talk about the prices, the rates are affordable with his power. Brush Cutter 4-Stro e DABC400-4CC is priced at ₨41,500.00.

Brush Cutter 2-Stroke DBC520

The purpose of this brush cutting tool is to make the work easier and faster while being mindful of the environment. It has a simple design that is the best for maintenance and starts quickly even after being idle for a long time. Each engine has its serial number for quality control. It has a 3HP engine with a Stroke type and a Diaphragm carburetor. 

You can choose between a Metal Blade or Nylon Cutter. The idling speed is about 3000 +/- 20 pm. The mixing ratio is 1:25. It has a shaft length of 1:65 M and a diameter of 28mm. It consists of accessories such as Nylon Blade, Metal Blade, Fuel Mix Bottle, Tool Kit and Double Shoulder Belt. Brush Cutter 2 Stroke DBC520 is priced at ₨41,500.00 and has a high rating based on customer feedback.

Brush Cutter 4-Stroke DABC431-GX

It is a handy tool for cutting crops and landscaping. It has an air-cooled, single-cylinder 4-stroke engine with 31CC capacity and 0.8KW power. Hence it ensures reliable performance. With a side-attached rotary shaft, it is easy to handle. Accessories such as blades, trimmer head, strap, bag, glove and glass add versatility. Whether you are dealing with thick vegetation or trimming edges this cutter ensures great results.

At Daewoo Power Products we understand the importance of maintaining a beautiful and healthy landscape. Our new range of brush cutters is designed to cater to all needs from homeowners with small gardens to expert landscapers managing large properties. With their robust build quality and unique features, these brush cutters are not just tools they are investments that are built to last and deliver remarkable results

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