Monday, July 22, 2024
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Causis Group Ltd. to Set New Standards in Eco-friendly Travel

Causis Group Ltd., UK-based manufacturer, is planning to reduce carbon footprints and make sustainable transportation options universally available

London, United Kingdom, 25th May 2024 – In a move towards a sustainable future worldwide, Causis Group Ltd., UK-based manufacturer, is setting new benchmarks in eco-friendly travel. Through their subsidiary, Causis E-Mobility Private Limited, the company is actively changing the future of transportation with the development and deployment of electric buses and cars designed to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Causis Group Ltd. to Set New Standards in Eco-friendly Travel

The global transport sector is projected to see an increase of 20% by 2050. In response to this eco-crisis, Causis Group Limited is taking decisive action to curb this trend by introducing cleaner, smarter travel solutions. 

Sharing insights into the company’s strategic efforts to mitigate the environmental impact of their vehicles, especially during the manufacturing process, they state ‘Approximately half of a battery’s emissions come from electricity used in the manufacturing process. While the emissions caused during the manufacturing stage are higher in electric vehicles compared to internal-combustion engine vehicles, this is paid off after only 2 years compared to driving an average conventional vehicle. This time frame drops to about one and a half years if the car is charged using renewable electricity. And this is what we are working on at Causis Group Ltd.’

Causis Group Limited’s strategies include:

  1. Manufacturing plants increasingly relied on renewable energy, reducing the carbon footprint associated with producing electric vehicle batteries.
  2. Using modern energy-efficient technologies to keep waste and emissions to a minimum during vehicle production.
  3. Ensuring sustainable practices through the entire lifecycle of their vehicles, from recycling batteries to reusing parts.

The impact of these initiatives is profound. For example, replacing London’s entire bus fleet with Causis Group Limited’s electric buses would cut CO2 emissions per kilometer in half. This significant reduction showcases the potential global impact of adopting similar measures in cities worldwide.

The company believes that the world must consider sustainability as an essential part of progress, and find innovative solutions designed to lead the way in reducing carbon emissions and inspiring a global shift towards environmentally conscious living for us and next generations.

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