Monday, July 22, 2024
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Transcendent Wealth Architects Unveils Personalized Wealth Legacy Program

San Antonio, Texas, United States, 30th May 2024, King NewsWireTranscendent Wealth Architects, a top financial services and insurance agency, unveiled their “AnchorsUp” program, designed to help small business owners and entrepreneurs sail into the future. 

AnchorsUp was created to steady the waves of traditional investments and retirement plans. With the program, clients are educated on the common pitfalls, limitations, and misunderstandings of the financial industry, as well as supported in learning ways to lower their tax liability and discovering the secret treasures commonly reserved only for the wealthy and affluent.

Transcendent’s program aims to interrupt the traditional financial model where business owners pay the advisor to invest their money without explanation. Transcendent’s founder, Ms. Casey McDonald, states her agency and their program are educationally based, teaching entrepreneurs about their options, plus understanding the small business community’s circumstances and pain points to make quality recommendations. 

“Most entrepreneurs don’t completely understand their financial future,” Ms. McDonald said. “Most put off making important life decisions until it’s too late. Our AnchorsUp program is designed to avoid that fate. AnchorsUp and Transcendent Wealth Architects provide the knowledge and tools necessary to sail into a prosperous and protected financial future.”

Transcendent Wealth Architects Unveils Personalized Wealth Legacy Program

Casey McDonald

AnchorsUp is focused on guiding the small business community through their full financial voyage to ensure there are no holes in their financial boats. Transcendent Wealth Architects wants to safeguard entrepreneurs from sinking when it comes to understanding various aspects of financial literacy like navigating student loan and debt reduction, personal and family protection, and other financial facets, such as exit strategies and proper entity structure. Ms. McDonald, the original “Transcendent Wealth Architect”, and CEO of Expansion for her agency, believes her unique background and this approach sets her agency apart.

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Transcendent Wealth Architects provides business owners with exclusive strategies to grow their wealth. Their proven process helps clients achieve a work-optional life, allowing them to spend more quality time with their loved ones.


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